About Our Company

Butler Learning Systems

Since 1959, Butler Learning Systems™ has been in the people productivity business, providing training in Next Generation Selling, Persuasive Leadership and Service Excellence.  Our training skills, concepts and techniques have been time-tested and proven.  Butler has trained hundreds of thousands of leaders, associates and Sales Professionals in all industries.   Our expert facilitation engages adults in an open learning environment through interaction, discussion and workshops.  When you get adults involved, they learn from each other and generate their own data and action items for reinforcement and follow-up.  Our curriculum is practical, believable and accepted by adults.  We provide outstanding support and become your coach for life...all at a value investment.  Our success is based on your success.

As second generation, Bob Butler, TSP, continues to position Butler as a training publisher with over 30 programs (200+ modules), providing complete customization on its intellectual property.  You deal directly with the principal and author who responds faster to your needs without a middleman or agent.  Bob's vast insight, knowledge and experience stem from working with top management and their associates in hundreds of companies and industries.  He attributes his success to over 35 years of facilitating seminars to almost one million people, learning from them as much as they were learning from him.  Bob is truly "The Sales Professional®" (TSP) celebrating over 35 years in the sales trenches and is a "product of the product."

Today, organizations that invest in their people, systems and training are increasing revenue, margin and market share during these challenging times.  What are your unique challenges and opportunities?  Training becomes the vehicle to communicate change.  Allow Butler Learning Systems to design a training venue customized just for you.